Surrealism, the history of a great art movement

Origin of Surrealism

Surrealist movement.

Discover the surrealism, an artistic movement where painters are inspired by the subconscious to create their artworks.

Surrealism Origin


The Top 7 Most Expensive Surrealist Works Ever Sold

Surrealism was an important artistic and cultural movement, so it's no wonder than some of the major works of this aesthetic school of thought are worth fortunes. Some of the most prominent works by the most celebrated artists can sell for even tens of millions of dollars. Let's take a look at the Top 7 most expensive of these works.

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Salvador Dali biographySalvador Dali

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The great Salvador Dali
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Surrealist Artists

The artists who have left the biggest mark on surrealism

The movement of surrealism was expressed through different mediums. Several artists chose painting and sculpture but many surrealist works were created using a camera or even a pencil. When we think of surrealist art we often think of its paintings that look like a fantastic dream but we cannot forget about the surrealist cinema or even automatic writing.

We have selected for you the artists who have left the biggest mark on the surrealist art movement.

All surrealist artists
Francis Picabia Francis Picabia

True modern artist and major paintor the 20th century.

Jean Arp Jean Arp

French artist who did his mark in several artistic movements.

Joan Miro Joan Miro

Avant-gardist with much creativity, he is one of the representatives of surrealism.

Man Ray Man Ray

Surreal photo artist, he is known worldwide for his work.

René Magritte René Magritte

Innovative artist that can be described has a master of surrealism.

Max Ernst Max Ernst

Max Ernst is an art explorer, a major artist of the surrealist movement.

Salvador Dali

The artist Salvador Dalii and surrealism

It was during a trip to Paris that the surrealist painter Salvador Dali was introduced into the movement of surrealism thanks to painter Joan Miro. It was the psychoanalytic techniques of Freud that fascinated him to the point of creating his own technique called "paranoiac-critical".

Salvador Dali painted the most famous surrealist paintings and has become an icon of the Surrealist movement. His work The Persistence of Memory is the most famous painting of the surrealist movement. Although he was a master of the surrealist, the latter rejected him later.

Salvador Dali Surrealism
Dali Biography Biography

Charismatic artist, Salvador Dali embodies the surrealist movement.

Eccentric character Eccentric character

Dali was an extraordinary artist, known for his outlandish tastes.

Dali and Picasso Dali & Picasso

Dali and Picasso are two artists who have made there mark in the 20th century.

  • Paintings

    Discover the paintings of the famous surrealist artist Salvador Dali.

  • The Persistence of Memory

    Surrealist painting of the famous Salvador Dali.

  • The Hallucinogenic Toreador

    A significant artworks and very intriguing by its interpretation.

  • Movies

    The Dali's imagination was also at cinematographic works service.

  • Dali museum

    Located in Florida, it houses the most important collection of the painter.

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