Surrealism, the history of a great art movement

Salvador Dali

Enter the universe of eccentric artist Salvador Dali. His work is known as surreal even if it was at a point in his career, rejected by surrealism.

biography biographie
Salvador Dali was one of the most charismatic artists of the 20th century. Totally atypical and with a complex character, this artist embodies the surrealist movement.
Âge or L’Âge d’or
Movie L’Âge d’or (golden age), directed by Luis Buñuel and scripted by sSalvador Dali, released on november 28th 1930, marks, according to some experts, the climax of the surrealist cinema.
Artworks Artworks
Discover the works of surrealist artist Salvador Dali. This gallery contains only the paintings of the famous painter of the Surrealist movement.
Eccentric character Eccentric character
Salvador Dali has marked minds because of both his physical aspect, his appalling statements and because of his work. Great artist whose paintings verge on genious, he was a man out of the common, known for his taste for the bizarre.
Dali and Man Ray Dali & Man Ray
On june 16th, 1934, in Paris, Carl Van Vechten immortalizes Salvador Dali and Man Ray with a camera. Today, this, iconic, picture of a friendship between two famous surrealists, is known worldwide.
Dali and Picasso Dali & Picasso
In the history of painting of the 20th century, Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso are two artists who have left a marked and basically shaken modern art. Very different, they however do have common characteristics that makes them resemble.
The persistence of Memory The persistence of Memory
The persistence of memory, completely surrealist work, is one of the most known paintings of Salvador Dali.This painting with strange decoration continues to intrigue today.
The Hallucinogenic Toreador The Hallucinogenic Toreador
The Hallucinogenic Toreador (Le torero hallucinogène) is one of the major artworks of Salvador Dali on which he worked for two years. This canvas intrigues and pushes towards interpretation.
Movies Movies
Salvador Dali was nothing but a genious surrealist painter. He was also a writer. His work on the imaginary is shown in the cinematographic works on which he worked.
Salvador Dali Museum Salvador Dali Museum
The Salvador Dali museum houses the most important collection dedicated to the spanish artist. Located in St.Petersburg, fForida, it holds priceless treasures.
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