Surrealism, the history of a great art movement

Surrealist Artists

The surrealist art movement was adopted by several painters, photographers, sculptors, filmmakers and writers. Here are those who most marked the surrealist movement.

Salvador Dali Salvador Dali
Dali is a complex character that marked the art world of the 20th century. This rebellious artist revolutionized the surrealism knowing how to appeal to the general public with his bizarre shenanigans. Modern painting would not be what it is without Dali.
René Magritte René Magritte
Rene Magritte, the Belgian surrealist painter, was a prolific artist and performed works full of symbolism drawn from his existence. Very active, he has revolutionized the world and Belgian surrealism thanks to his originality and impeccable technique.
Francis Picabia Francis Picabia
Francis Picabia is a painter and writer whose experimentation and research will have been the ultimate goals. Passionate and forward thinking, it was one of the founding elements of Dadaism and a model for the new generations.
Jean Arp Jean Arp
Jean Arp, a prolific French artist, was marked all his life by the preference of chance and dreams. His travels shaped his art and the encounters especially that of his wife would greatly influence his work and his life.
Joan Miro Joan Miro
Joan Miro, Spanish painter and sculptor, throughout his life experienced and sought his way exploring modern art movements. Anticonformist, he was an artist who marked generations and would remain one of the most important figures of surrealism.
Man Ray Man Ray
Man Ray is a photographic artist and painter who revolutionized the art world with his cutting-edge techniques. His Solarization technique for forming a halo of light on the characters of his photographs gives a typically surrealist effect to his works.
Max Ernst Max Ernst
Max Ernst, German painter and sculptor and a French citizen, took an active part in the modern movements of his time. Freethinker and unconventional, his dreamlike work opened the door to surrealism and contributed to the birth of abstract expressionism.
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