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Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso

Portrait Of Picasso by Salvador Dali

In the history of painting of the 20th century, Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso are two artists who have left a marked and basically shaken modern art. Very different, they however do have common characteristics that makes them resemble.

A mutual admiration

The two Spanish artists rubbed shoulders a few times without becoming close friends. Picasso sees the work of Dali and immediately feels the creative potential of the young man.

Dali, a great admirer of Picasso, meets the 23 years older during his first trip to Paris. Dali also recounts he brought one of his paintings to Picasso, who watched the work without saying a word. Dali said that an understanding does not require any word to be born between them.

Rivals, but always in compliance

Both have shown that art could shake the world but in different ways. Picasso was trying to remain innovative in painting and sculpture while Dali cultivated eccentricity in the paint. Both great painters from childhood, they evolved into different styles; Dali revolutionized surrealism and Picasso invented Cubism.

Dali remained in contact with Picasso until 1970 by postcards and letters. In reading, one can feel the fascination that Picasso had over Dali, although they do not have the same political views. Indeed, Dali supported the reprehensible policy of Franco, unlike Picasso. This rivalry between the two artists was especially felt by Dali who constantly wanted to try supplanting the elder that one considered a genius. The eccentric Dali even sent scathing criticism about Picasso’s last paintings, even saying that he killed modern art. These statements, however, never interfered with the two men, who respected each other, although having fundamentally different values. Picasso is also one of the few artists that Dali qualifies genius with Vinci and Vermeer.

Quote by Salvador Dali

“Drawing is the honesty of the art. There is no possibility of cheating. It is either good or bad.”
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